Anonymous asked:

do you ever need average models? 0_o


I’m not too concerned with how “pretty” someone is, I’m looking for honesty. If you happen to have aesthetic qualities, then all the better and it definitely won’t hurt your chances of catching my eye. But if you can bring a unique spark and show me an honest passion. you’ll jump to the top of my list every time. Regardless of the way you look.

This is a box of interesting things I’ve collected over the years. Nothing too special, just figured I’d share.

List of items in no particular order:

1. Weird One Hundred Baisa bill from Oman. I’m not even sure where Oman is, but I bet there’s a lot of jokes that are all like “oh man, we’re going to Oman.” Anyway, some kid in Clovis, NM tipped me with this to help kickstart my first tour/roadtrip to California. I plan on visiting Oman someday and buying something with it to put in the box.

2. Third Edition Websters Pocket Dictionary from 1919. It’s old, and is a fun way to build one’s vocabulary.

3. The Mysterious Kodack Slide. I don’t know how old this thing is, but I found it in an old abandoned (and apparently haunted) house in Amarillo, Tx. It’s a picture of a man standing in front of what seems to be an either Russian or German building (I’m going with Russian). i have no idea who the man in the picture is, but I like to think that someday I’ll find out.

4. The Folded Up Note Behind The Dictionary. It’s not so much a note as much as it is a fun picture that my high school crush drew for me when I was in lunch detention. It’s too bad she didn’t draw one for me every time I was in detention, I could have an entirely new box dedicated to those things.

5. The Note Inside The Box. This is from a dear friend of mine who has since moved onto bigger and better things. She was a deeply spiritual person and picked out a few of her favorite quotes from saints she was fond of while she was in Rome. Fun fact, that note was technically blessed by the pope himself. She had them on her while she was being blessed, or so I’m told. Either way, it’s good advice and great reminders to not get too caught up in the hussle of life. 

6. The Camera Bag Next To The Box. This was my dad’s whenever he was doing photography. The only thing is that it wasn’t until I started to get back into film and photography that I found out  my dad had a history at all with anything creative. Other than going to state for tuba. So it was quite the surprise going through his pictures and seeing a side of my father that I never really knew before. He gave me his old camera bag, and it’s a reminder that everyone’s past can be a surprise.