This is a “freestyle” rap of mine. The hook is kinda nonsense, I’ll admit, but the rest is not.

Yes, I like to rap in my spare time.


"stars in my future, I can see the light

Making more money than the price is right

Yeah, it’s funny when the time is right 

Got Conan on the phone and Oprah Winfrey on the other line.

Over elated when I say this all the city lights are beaming down on me like I’m Men In Black, I’m a man in white

Let’s give it up for all the vana white’s that get better with age and take time to take flight.

I got plans for when I turn 50, got plans right now tell me are you with me?

I gotta say that I love this city

Not Austin Texas born but when I leave I take it with me.

I don’t rap because I think I’m good

Some even say that I grew up in the wrong hood

Man, I just wanna be understood

I only do this shit because I know you didn’t think I could

The motivation’s your ovation when I get it right

Coronation from the king when he’s courtside

Confirmation from the nation’s in the form of riots

Martin Luther King taught us if you dream it you can fight it

21st century everybody’s an enemy

ISIS entices those fragmented minorities

Wall Street executives throwing companies over seas

They don’t wanna pay those taxes like you and me

Top 1% wearin nothing but them gold pearls

2nd rate citizens growing up in a 3rd world

You thought that shit was bad how we treat our own girls?

Listen how he worded that, did he just say he owns girls?

Yeah I did when you take it out of context,

I’m kinda wishing that I could just that line back

We put it out yeah we throw into our atmosphere

Try to grow in understanding, but only seem to grow in fear

Fear of what’s right and what’s wrong

What can I say to not get crucified in this song?

What can they put into the papers when it’s all wrong?

I got a question for Obama, is that hope gone?

Fresh up and comin, Mama singing halleluja 

Daddy was a deacon cause that’s just what you do when 

You grew up in the part of texas called the bible belt

Where not seeing God in everything is like seeing hell

Hell, I’ve been there and now I’m back again

Who knew the Devil lived in Kansas, an island?

Who knew that he would try point out my sins?

Who knew that I was so good at burning bridges?”